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  • Bank of America and the middle-man hedge

    We often need to be reminded that we are officially in a recovery and have been for awhile. Operating in the mortgage space is a significant challenge and much criticism is directed at the big four in particular. The banks are often charged with exhibiting endemic incompetence in the goings-on of daily business. The banks themselves admit they need work in many areas, but say they are doing the best they can with what they have.
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  • Broader Servicer Safety Net Needed: Desoer

    President Barack Obama's Making Home Affordable modification plan lacks critical servicer protection laws needed to reach the maximum 3m to 4m borrowers touted as potentially eligible, Bank of America's Barbara Desoer tells Bloomberg. Lawmakers additionally must draft crucial legislation to shield servicers from lawsuit by holders of securitized bonds.
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  • Bank of America: We Need More Jumbos

    Friday brought a ray of hope for battered mortgage markets, with the nation's largest mortgage lender saying that it is looking to expand its presence in jumbo lending markets -- a market that has literally seen liquidity vanish amid the collapse of much of the nation's private-party mortgage markets.
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  • All Business at BofA: Countrywide Insider Gissinger Out

    When the Countrywide Financial Corp. and Bank of America Corp. [stock BAC][/stock] merger was first announced, we have to confess that our first thoughts weren't about the servicing portfolio, or collateral performance or bond holder obligations. They were about corporate culture. BofA has long maintained the sort of buttoned-up banker's attitude traditional for such institutions, while Countrywide was -- well, let's just say they were California to BofA's New York.
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