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  • California, Illinois AGs Sue Countrywide; Shareholders Approve Merger Anyway

    As shareholders gathered in Calabasas, Calif. on Wednesday for a key vote over Bank of America's proposed takeover of Countrywide Financial Corp. [stock CFC][/stock] -- eventually approving the merger by a wide margin -- two state Attorneys General said they had sued Countrywide over alleged unfair and deceptive conduct. California AG Edmund Brown and Illinois AG Lisa Madigan became the latest to pile on legal liabilities to the nation's largest lender and servicer, with separate lawsuits filed just ahead of the key shareholder vote.
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  • California AG Shuts Down Foreclosure Scam, With a Twist

    With the fourth installment of the much-admired Indiana Jones movie franchise ringing up box-office gold this past holiday weekend, California Attorney General Edmund Brown busted his own group of villians that had been using their knowledge of U.S. history to rip off troubled homeowners facing foreclosure. A team of scam artists allegedly acquired deeds to hundreds of homes in foreclosure by convincing desperate consumers to place their property in a "land grant," a phony and worthless real estate document.
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