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  • Old school? Senior citizens' campus takeover

    Seniors are showing a growing preference for living on or near university campuses
    There appear to be a growing number of senior citizens looking for housing on or near universities. Investors are capitalizing on this demand, building senior housing around campuses, and one university is even putting a senior housing property on its campus in New York.
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  • U.S. borrowers are compiling more debt

    Borrowers need to be cautious of negatively impacting credit profiles
    Bank of America says that U.S. borrowers are compiling more debt while simultaneously keeping their credit profiles healthy for now, according to an article by Will Mathis and Jennifer Surane for Bloomberg.
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  • Bloomberg report sounds warning on pending mortgage lending crisis

    Critical language aside, they may have a point
    The language may be infuriating for a loan officer to read: referring to mortgage lenders as "small-time bankers" who are "peddling to the poor." But Prashant Gopal’s Bloomberg report states that even the Federal Housing Administration is concerned about rising defaults in its mortgage insurance program.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Getting Millennials to buy housing is becoming a joke

    Plus, some hard hitting housing and economic reports
    CNBC reports getting a mortgage is about to get easier. But it's not. At least not with what the reporter is presenting. On the bonus side, it's becoming more and more common to come across funny ways Millennials are intersecting with the houses they don't own. All that and more in your weekly Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: S&P economist dissects Trump's first 100 days

    What's the big deal about Lone Star's latest bond offering?
    So what’s the big deal about this weekend being the 100th day in office for President Donald Trump? An S&P economist breaks down the outlook for GDP. Also, coverage kicks off at MBA Secondary. Find out who from HousingWire will be there. Finally, what's the significance of the latest mortgage bond? Click to find out.
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  • Senate Democrats miss the mark calling Trump Treasury pick “foreclosure king”

    What kind of foreclosures are we talking about here?
    According to Jack Guttenberg Professor of Finance Emeritus at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania writing in the Huffington Post, Democrats may find it troubling to get the “foreclosure king” label to stick, primarily due to a level of misreporting in the media.
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  • And the worst U.S. housing market is…

    Hint: It has 33 months' worth of inventory
    One town in the U.S. stands out for having the worst housing market in the country. As one expert put it, you couldn’t pay someone to take your home in this town. While this is clearly an exaggeration, this area has a 33-month supply of inventory.
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  • Bloomberg blog: Fannie, Freddie headed for trouble

    Washington versus Wall Street war continues
    Washington is all talk and no action when it comes to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The result of this inaction could be leading both companies to their graves unless something is acted on soon, at least according to this Bloomberg blog.
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