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  • We're All Rulemakers Now

    Running a government must be like walking a tightrope, always balancing the need to dominate with the need to make constituents feel like they have the power. Fail at the first and you'll never have the power to get anything done. Fail at the second and you'll be out of power before you can get anything done. Either way, you fall off the rope.
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  • Dutch RMBS Delinquencies Rise on Unemployment: Moody's

    The 60 plus-day delinquency rate for Dutch residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) rose slightly to 0.57% of the current balance in Q209, from 0.52% in the previous quarter. The increase arrived uniformly across vintages and transaction series, and remained in-line with rising Dutch unemployment, according to Moody's Investors Service.
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  • Lehman Shakes Up Fixed Income Management

    Question: what's the best way to shake up senior management without anyone noticing? Answer: when you announce said changes right after a historic government takeover of Fannie Mae [stock FNM][/stock] and Freddie Mac [stock FRE][/stock].
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  • NYT's Friedman on housing and election strategy

    Thomas Friedman, Pulitzer-prize winning foreign-affairs columnist at the New York Times, weighs in with a point that the editorial team at HW has been hammering for months now: that housing, and the economy in general, will decide the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election. Not Iraq, or the War on Terrorism. Not Social Security, or Medicare. Not abortion, nor gun control. Friedman's thoughts on the matter:
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  • HSBC Sets Aside $3.2 Billion for Bad Loans

    HSBC Holdings Plc said Monday morning that bad bets on U.S. mortgages continued to eat away at the company's bottom line, but not enough to offset strong growth in markets outside the United States. Europe's largest bank by assets said it set aside $3.2 billion during Q1 in loan impairment charges, compared to $1.6 billion in the year-ago period.
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