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  • Flight to Quality Has Agency MBS Singing the Blues

    Resurgent investor concern about banking and the economy hasn't just hurt the stock markets -- it's caused a widespread roiling of debt and bond markets, as well, a trend that has clearly caught up agency MBS in the past few days. According to data from UBS, the spread on Fannie Mae current-coupon fixed-rate securities versus interpolated 5 and 10-year Treasury notes jumped up to 288 basis points on Thursday, the highest level since the government announced it was placing both GSEs into conservatorship with the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
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  • Bullish Run For Agency MBS Continues

    Continuing a run that led excess returns of MBS over Treasuries to post their best month in over 10 years during April, U.S. mortgage-backed securities continued to tighten against Treasuries on Wednesday -- despite news of a large loss by Fannie Mae [stock FNM][/stock]. The trend is likely to mean better mortgage rates for conforming borrowers, sources told Housing Wire Thursday.
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