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  • Michael Bright abruptly steps down from Ginnie Mae

    Asks to have nomination to serve as president withdrawn
    It’s been almost two years since Ginnie Mae had a permanent president, and now it looks like the wait is going to continue. HUD announced late Wednesday that Michael Bright, who has been leading Ginnie Mae on an interim basis for nearly 18 months and was the Trump administration’s nominee to lead the agency, is leaving Ginnie Mae next week.
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  • Interest rates, falling production and policy weigh on mortgage industry

    Downbeat mood at MBA Secondary
    Depending on who you ask, talk of GSE reform is either all the rage or totally absent from the discussion at the MBA Secondary conference taking place right now in New York City. Here, in a HousingWire exclusive, Christopher Whalen discusses his view of the GSE reform discussion (or lack thereof) and other observations from the conference.
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  • $835 million in bulk MSRs coming to market

    Market continues to be considerably unfrozen
    "It’s an exceptionally clean GNMA portfolio, with a very low coupon and low delinquencies," said Robert Wellerstein, managing director at MountainView Servicing Group. "Given the high-quality product, portfolio size and experienced seller, we expect this package to garner a lot of interest among MSR buyers."
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  • GSE reform idea puts private capital back in driver's seat

    Dem trio push reform to bring in private capital, unhitch Fannie and Freddie
    Reform proposal creates a structure to significantly expand the availability of capital in the insurance market while ensuring the mortgage market is open and efficient – with private capital participating in the market and pricing all of the risk.
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  • Third quarter earnings double at Walter Investment

    MSR hedging more than offsets rising interest rates
    Servicing generated revenue of $208.5 million in the third quarter, more than five times what the reverse mortgage business brought in. Originations generated revenue of $167.4 million in the third quarter, driven primarily by the consumer direct channel.
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  • Ginnie Mae to tighten MBS standards

    Lenders applying for Ginnie Mae mortgage-backed approval will find it more challenging in the coming months, according to one official."We're undergoing a philosophical re-examination of the...
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  • MBS Analysts Watch Fed’s Every Trade

    When and how the Fed will depart the MBS market is no longer a mystery. Following last month’s FOMC meeting, it announced it would purchase the full $1.25 trillion of MBS previously announced, but that it would gradually slow the pace of those purchases “in order to promote a smooth transition in markets.” It “anticipated” the program would be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2010.
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