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  • Debt-saddled consumers would give up social media, pets for financial relief

    But, there’s a better way
    Consumer credit card debt hit a record high of $1 trillion in early 2018, and on the rise, too, is Americans’ struggle to climb their way out. Financial stress is affecting not only relationships, but sleep as well as our day-to-day lives. It seems impossible to escape as people struggle to make payments and fall further into a tailspin of compounding interest.
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  • TransUnion: Student loans do not impact housing

    Student debt keeps growing but homebuyers still buying
    Despite the level of student loan debt rising to well above $1 trillion, young buyers are not being inhibited from obtaining a mortgage due to their debt, according to a new report from TransUnion. In fact, not only are younger consumers with student debt able to get a mortgage, they are also quite adept at making their payments as well.
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  • Mortgage lending reverses yearlong trend

    NY Fed: Mortgage debt increases $35 billion in third quarter
    The NY Fed report also shows that the amount of mortgage debt held by households increased by $35 billion from the second quarter to the third quarter, rising to a total of $8.13 trillion. But how did the rest of the mortgage market fare?
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  • Wealthier Americans mean a bigger bond market

    More liquidity means more debt
    The Federal Reserve published its latest report on U.S. household wealth, which shows that even while Americans are getting more wealthy, they are also taking on a lot more debt. This is great news for the bond market since, more and more, these auto loans, student loans and credit cards are finding their way into the bond market.
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  • Report: Credit card debt nearing "tipping point"

    Payments getting closer to becoming unsustainable
    As the housing market continues to remain stagnant, consumers are quickly racking up credit card debt, teetering on the edge of instability. And the current trend for millennials doesn't look too promising either.
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