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  • FHA says as many as 50,000 mortgages will be affected by new lending rules

    4-5% of FHA borrowers may no longer qualify
    Two weeks ago, the FHA took steps to limit risk to its single-family portfolio, announcing that it will flag some loans for manual underwriting. FHA's Chief Risk Officer Keith Becker told the WSJ just how many loans the agency thinks will be affected, adding that the FHA "felt that it was appropriate to take some steps to mitigate the risks we're seeing."
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  • Latest FHA shift to mitigate risks may shut out some homebuyers

    Recent changes to TOTAL Mortgage Scorecard have some lenders worrying they won't close
    Last week, the Federal Housing Administration took steps to mitigate risks to its single-family portfolio, announcing updates to its TOTAL Mortgage Scorecard that may flag some loans for manual underwriting. Chatter among members of the lending community suggests a number of originators are unhappy about the changes, fearing that the end result may be that some of their borrowers will be shut out of FHA financing.
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    DIMONT's Loss Drafts product expedites doc management for lenders and servicers

    Borrower will be able to upload claim documentation to online portal
    Loss Drafts allows all parties — borrowers, servicers, and DIMONT claims personnel — to upload claims-related documentation and to share case status information electronically, while allowing the servicer to use its call center to maintain direct borrower contact.
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    DEVAL assists at-risk borrowers before foreclosure, homelessness become reality

    Servicing company provides resources, options to veteran borrowers
    Mortgage servicer DEVAL helps at-risk borrowers find affordable housing options by collaborating with a variety of government programs and resources that support loss mitigation efforts and enable borrowers to find alternative housing solutions if, and when, a loan modification or solution is not viable.
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  • "Rocket Mod": The future of mortgage default servicing?

    How technology will change loss mitigation
    Over the last few years, technological advancements took mortgage originations from the fax machine to the smartphone — and from months of waiting to approval in minutes. Could the same thing be coming for mortgage modifications?
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  • FHA makes it easier for struggling borrowers to keep their homes

    Announces "streamlined" loss mitigation process for mortgage servicers
    Borrowers with a high loan-to-value ratio mortgage received some welcome news on Thursday morning when the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced that it plans to extend the Home Affordable Refinance Program into 2017. But what about struggling borrowers whose loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration? Well, those borrowers are now about to get some relief of their own.
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  • CFPB: Best practices on how to continue loss-mitigation needs

    Lessons from HAMP
    Besides the start of a new year, Jan. 1, 2017 will also mark the first time since 2009 that the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program and Home Affordable Refinance Program will not exist. But now that the end date on these programs is rapidly approaching, government agencies are quickly reminding the industry of the loss-mitigation programs and options available. This includes the CFPB.
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  • US Bank to use HLP for foreclosure prevention efforts

    Will use HLP for various loss mitigation operations
    US Bank is partnering with HLP to use the company’s web portal and software offerings in its foreclosure prevention and loss mitigation efforts, joining Ditech Financial and 19 of the 20 largest mortgage servicers in the country that currently use HLP’s services.
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