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  • Appraisers accuse federal regulators of recreating housing crisis conditions

    Appraisal Institute blasts proposal to eliminate appraisal requirement on certain home sales
    As one might expect, appraisers are none too pleased about the FDIC, the OCC, and the Federal Reserve proposing to eliminate the appraisal requirement on certain home sales of $400,000 and below. According to Appraisal Institute President James Murrett, the newly proposed rules would add significantly more danger to the lending environment and harken back to the way things were just before the financial crisis.
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  • Housing industry's biggest trade groups push FHA to reconsider PACE rules

    Concerned about energy improvement loans being given super priority status
    Last month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Federal Housing Administration announced that the FHA will soon begin insuring mortgages that also carry liens created by energy retrofit programs, as long as the energy lien remains subordinate to the mortgage. But the fine print of the new rules has the housing industry's largest trade groups concerned.
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  • Appraisal Institute, RESNET partner to increase green home education

    Will work together to present education programs on real estate valuation
    The Appraisal Institute, the nation’s largest professional association of real estate appraisers, and Residential Energy Services Network, also known as RESNET, announced the signing of a "cooperation agreement" to promote education, research and data standards surrounding energy efficient homes.
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  • Appraisal Institute falls victim to Twitter hack

    Unfortunate messages started coming from Appraisal Institute’s account
    If you’re a follower of the Appraisal Institute on Twitter, some strange tweets began showing up on your timeline lately. Instead of tweets about the appraisal industry, tweets emanating from the Appraisal Institute’s account for the last 18 hours have more to do with Playboy Magazine, Hooters, David Hasselhoff, links to “sexy” videos, and other inappropriate tweets. That’s because the Appraisal Institute has fallen victim to a Twitter hacking.
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  • Are appraisers in danger of extinction?

    Here's a temporary and long-term fix
    At the start of last year, the Appraisal Institute boasted 22,000 professionals. Fast forward one year and the number now sits at 20,000 professionals, providing more evidence of a growing problem that is plaguing the industry. And the fix isn’t as simple as a surge in marketing to attract more young people, although that might help.
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  • Appraisal Institute selects Jim Murrett as new vice president

    Begins one-year term on Jan. 1
    The Appraisal Institute announced the election of Jim Murrett to serve as the organization’s vice president in 2016. Murrett’s one-year term at the Appraisal Institute will begin Jan. 1, followed by one year each as president-elect, president and immediate past president.
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