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  • Commercial lender Berkadia expands mortgage banking team

    Lender adds three new directors
    Commercial mortgage lender Berkadia recently announced it has added three new directors to its mortgage banking team. Berkadia EVP and Head of Mortgage Banking Hilary Provinse said the additions enhance the company's regional and product expertise and are another step in the company's ongoing efforts to cultivate best-in-class talent in every major market.
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  • Dear Ben Carson: “Housing is an everyone problem”

    An open letter to the future HUD secretary
    Coming from the desk of a housing and architecture expert, this letter urges Housing and Urban Development Secretary nominee Ben Carson to take a hard look at America’s housing situation and see that it’s an “everyone problem.” To the author, the housing crisis isn’t brain surgery — it’s far more difficult.
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  • Pam Patenaude reportedly under consideration to serve as Trump's HUD secretary

    Currently the president of the J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation
    With future Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump officially set, there are 15 other seats on the president’s cabinet to start speculating about. And the one that’s closest to housing, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, could possibly go to someone who was recently featured on the cover of HousingWire Magazine and was included as a Women of Influence in 2013.
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  • HUD to landlords: Rent to ex-convicts

    Or else face the consequences
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development released its revised guidance, addressing how landlords who have blanket bans on renting to people with criminal records are in violation of the Fair Housing Act and can be sued.
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  • Why did Senate committee go so easy on HUD nominee Castro?

    Session is heavy on platitudes, light on details or hard questions
    San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro faced a kid glove treatment from the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Development Committee on Tuesday. The next step is a vote before the committee, which is not scheduled, which would be followed by a vote on the full Senate floor.
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