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  • Obama's win tied to home price declines, foreclosures

    The OC Register's Jon Lansner has a great post up this morning that looks at the states Obama carried versus McCain, and the relative price declines and foreclosures in each, using data from First American CoreLogic. In total, he suggests that states representing nearly 80 percent of the nation's foreclosure mess went to Obama: Obama
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  • In the OC, a flood of foreclosures

    A former resident of Orange County, Calif., I always pay attention to my hometown -- and what's taking place in housing behind the proverbial "Orange Curtain" in southern California underscores the reality in many housing markets nationwide. In a word: foreclosures. The Orange County Register's Jon Lansner posted some data on the local housing market Monday afternoon, courtesy of local real estate agent Steve Thomas:
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  • Mortgage Market Roundup, Oct. 5

    It's certainly been an interesting week - there's a word used as a descriptor for those times when an entire industry decides to take its lumps in one quarter, in the hopes that will purge the bad once and for all. The word is escaping my usually quick mind as I write this, but that's clearly what's been taking place this week. Here's a look at some commentary and news from across the Web as we head into the weekend, so feel free to jump off wherever you feel like it:
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  • The Kitchen Sink for Dec 23-25

    Welcome to this weekend's Kitchen Sink! Because there isn't a ton of business/mortgage/housing news breaking over weekends, each Saturday and Sunday I'll be highlighting worthwhile insight and analysis appearing in media outlets and blog sites across the country. This post will be updated throughout the long weekend with mortgage-related 'stuff' - of course, feel free to chime in.
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