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  • MetLife and State Street shake hands to launch $2 billion CRE lending initiative

    MetLife will originate and service $2 billion in commercial mortgage loans for State Street
    MetLife Investment Management, an institutional asset management platform for MetLife and State Street Corp. inked a multi-year agreement which will allow MetLife Investment Management and its affiliates to originate and service up to $2 billion in commercial mortgage loans for State Street and its affiliates.
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  • Ocwen cleared of wrongdoing in multibillion dollar mortgage bond fight

    Faced allegations of negligence from bond investors, including BlackRock, Pimco
    Early in 2015, a group of mortgage bond investors that reportedly included BlackRock, MetLife, and Pimco accused Ocwen Financial of violating its duties as a mortgage servicer by failing to properly collect payments on $82 billion of home loans, thereby costing the investors $26 billion. Now, after a yearlong independent investigation found no evidence of the litany of allegations made by the investors, Ocwen is off the hook.
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  • Ocwen fires back at “disingenuous” charges of negligence

    Accuses mortgage bond investors of being "pro-foreclosure"
    Ocwen Financial is doubling down in its fight against a group of mortgage bond investors that accused the nonbank of failing to properly collect payments on mortgage loans and breaching its bond covenants, charging the investors, which include BlackRock, MetLife, and PIMCO, of having a “pro-foreclosure, anti-modification” agenda.
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  • BlackRock discloses ownership stake in Altisource

    Mortgage bond investor also reportedly threatening to sue Ocwen
    A Monday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows that BlackRock is more than an interested party in the mortgage-backed securities whose loans are serviced by Ocwen and its affiliates. BlackRock also owns a substantial stake in Altisource Residential.
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  • Ocwen: Mortgage bond investors mislead public, push foreclosures

    Fires back at “baseless, groundless” charges of mortgage payment negligence
    Ocwen fired back at claims of mortgage payment negligence, saying that the mortgage bond investors that accused it of failing in its duties as servicer have ulterior motives. “Your letter obscures the ultimate objective of your investor clients: to stop servicers from modifying loans and force them to foreclose on and evict as many struggling homeowners as quickly as possible,” Ocwen said in response.
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  • Ocwen sued by investors for mortgage payment negligence

    Preparing to sue embattled nonbank
    Some of the country’s biggest mortgage bond investors, reportedly including BlackRock, MetLife, and Pimco, are preparing to sue Ocwen, saying that the beleaguered nonbank failed to properly collect payments on $82 billion of home loans.
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  • Will big banks sue the government for too much oversight?

    MetLife’s suit could be just the beginning
    MetLife is pushing back and suing the Financial Stability Oversight Council over its decision to designate it a non-bank systemically important financial institution. At the same time, regulators are hounding the rest of the industry, especially housing. Could this be the inspiration the rest of the industry needs to fight back?
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  • Insurers find Dodd-Frank loophole

    Argument still up for debate
    When looking at the fine print of Dodd-Frank, regulators may have some wiggle room when it comes to whether they can look to credit ratings, and therefore state-insurance rules.
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