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  • FDIC Loosens Capital Requirements for Private Capital Acquisitions

    Private capital may play a more prominent role in the takeover of failed depository institutions at a time when weekly bank failures take multimillion-dollar hits on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s (FDIC) deposit insurance fund. The FDIC on Wednesday issued a final policy statement on the role of private equity in the acquisition of failed depository institutions.
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  • FDIC Steps in on Fremont, Again; Gives Bank 60 Days to Capitalize

    Troubled bank and mortgage lender Fremont General said on Friday that Federal regulators had stepped in and given it 60 days to raise additional capital, or face a forced sale. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation issued a so-called Supervisory Prompt Corrective Action Directive to Fremont General and to Fremont General Credit Corporation, the company said, requiring the bank to take immediate steps to recapitalize.
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