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  • Obama's win tied to home price declines, foreclosures

    The OC Register's Jon Lansner has a great post up this morning that looks at the states Obama carried versus McCain, and the relative price declines and foreclosures in each, using data from First American CoreLogic. In total, he suggests that states representing nearly 80 percent of the nation's foreclosure mess went to Obama: Obama
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  • Final Debate Focuses on Economy, "Joe the Plumber"

    The presidential candidates debated for the final time in the 2008 election season Wednesday at Hofstra University in New York. The focus of much of the debate was the failing economy, which saw another severe plunge throughout the day. The Dow Jones Industrial Average [stock INDU][/stock] closed down 733 points hours before the debate began. Senator Barack Obama emphasized the "failed policies and failed politics" of the past eight years while Senator John McCain stressed Obama's questionable relationships with Bill Ayers and ACORN.
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  • Did McCain Call for Interest-Free Mortgages?

    Senator and Republican Presidential candidate John McCain gave a speech in Orange County, Calif. yesterday that has clearly vexed many mortgage industry participants. In his remarks, he appeared to call for the industry to voluntarily offer zero percent mortgages to troubled borrowers:
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