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  • Introducing the Fifth C of Underwriting

    Most of us know all too well the four Cs of underwriting: capacity, character, collateral, and credit. The four Cs have in many ways defined risk-based pricing on mortgages for decades, and are a convenient way to segment the myriad failures that led our economy to the precipice, as well. I can’t help but wonder, however, if it’s finally become time in this country to add a fifth C to the mix. Call it “calculation”—as in a borrower’s ability to understand basic math. Picture the following scenario:
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  • The Last Refuge of the Simple Competitor

    Selling technology is a tough business, as I pointed out in my most recent column for the print edition of HousingWire. It is difficult and expensive to develop good tools, can be very difficult to educate a market to the point of purchase and then requires additional work to ensure adoption. Overall, it’s very hard to effectively market new technologies, especially when you’re up against competent competitors. Lawsuits, in contrast, are relatively simple to initiate.
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  • Obama Announces Treasury Assistant Nominations

    President Barack Obama on Sunday announced his intent to nominate three advisers to key posts at the U.S. Treasury Department, which has lately been criticized for being understaffed. "Out of crisis arises opportunity," Obama said in a statement. "With the leadership of these accomplished individuals and our whole economic team, I am absolutely confident that we will turn around this economy and seize this opportunity to secure a more prosperous future."
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  • Prosecutors Step up Mortgage Investigations

    Federal prosecutors have intensified their investigation into Wall Street and the mortgage trade, forming a new task force led by assistant U.S. attorney Jonathan Green. Inquiries will range from fraud by brokers, to securities fraud and insider trading allegations, according to a report Monday in the Wall Street Journal. The group includes officials and agents from the FBI, Secret Service, the FDIC, and the New York State Banking Department.
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  • DOJ Busts Large California Mortgage Fraud Ring

    Officials from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service said Monday that they'd busted a California-based mortgage fraud ring responsible for a large equity stripping and foreclosure rescue scam that had impacted more than 100 properties throughout the state.
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