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  • Top Citi Executives Decline Retention and Incentive Awards

    Citigroup Inc. [stock C][/stock] CEO Vikram Pandit, along with chairman Winfried Bischoff and CFO Gary Crittenden, declined retention and incentive awards, according to a recent filing through the Securities and Exchange Commission. The announcement came in concert with recent statements that Pandit and Bischoff -- along with Robert Rubin, who ended up resigning in early January, anyway -- would take no bonuses for 2008.
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  • Bleak Outlooks, Exec Departures at BofA, Citi

    Word out of both Citigroup Inc. [stock C][/stock]  and Bank of America Corp. [stock BAC][/stock] in recent weeks suggests an overall bleak outlook for fiscal 2008 and a shaky foothold going into 2009. Citigroup is expected to report massive fourth-quarter 2008 losses much greater than expected, but its lead independent director Richard Parsons said the bank's board stands behind CEO Vikram Pandit, according to a Wall Street Journal report Monday.
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  • Viewpoint: Add Rubin to the Who-Knew-Crew

    Nobody should be allowed the "who knew?" defense when it comes to the current mortgage and financial crisis -- least of all anyone with a regulatory background. It should be a rule, like the rule that says anyone who dug us into this foxhole doesn't get a say as to how we should best get ourselves out of it.
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  • Clinton: Get Greenspan Working on this Mess, Stat

    We're not kidding, either -- in remarks to be delivered today in Philadelphia, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) called on President Bush to create a so-called "emergency working group on foreclosures," as part of Capitol Hill's latest ploy to do something about the U.S. housing crisis. From the Associated Press:
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