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  • Former Fed chair says "we're in a hell of a mess"

    Paul Volcker tells The New York Times he sees a "hell of a mess" in every direction
    In an interview with The New York Times, former Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volcker says he sees a "hell of a mess in every direction" when it comes to the country, economy and government. Volcker always warns that the country is developing into a plutocracy.
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  • Bair Appoints FDIC General Counsel

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. chairman Sheila Bair appointed Michael Bradfield the agency's new General Counsel. The appointment was unanimously approved by the FDIC Board of Directors and became effective today. The FDIC General Counsel is in charge of the legal division, which is responsible for legal work on regulatory issues, as well as FDIC transactions, litigation, and corporate and commercial claims.
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  • Obama Names Former Fed Chairman to New Advisory Board

    President-elect Barack Obama hasn't taken any vacation days this week as he names critical staff and advisors he will come to rely on during the next four years of his administration. In a press conference Wednesay -- the third day in a row he has held a press conference -- he named an advisor that will assist him in a new board designed to lead the economy out of crisis and into recovery: a man commonly credited with having led the early 1980s economy into a recession -- former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker.
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  • Stocks Soar as Rumors of RTC Redux Circulate

    HW daily email subscribers learned about this last week, thanks to our most important sources on the Street, but today the rest of the market caught onto the Treasury's move to set up an entity to take over banks' bad debt; think the Resolution Trust Corp. redux, for those with a history in mortgage banking.
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  • Clinton: Get Greenspan Working on this Mess, Stat

    We're not kidding, either -- in remarks to be delivered today in Philadelphia, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) called on President Bush to create a so-called "emergency working group on foreclosures," as part of Capitol Hill's latest ploy to do something about the U.S. housing crisis. From the Associated Press:
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