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  • Declining mortgage rates champion home-buying power, but for how long?

    Home prices decreased 1.9% in January
    In January 2019, home prices retreated 1.9%, but increased 7% year over year, according to First American's Real House Price Index. First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming said moderating home prices, in conjunction with gains in household income and declining mortgage rates, boosted affordability for potential home buyers.
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  • FHFA: Home prices still on the rise

    But growth could see moderation in 2018
    Home prices are still on the rise, increasing once again in February. But one expert said a rise in debt-to-income ratios looks to have supported house price gains over the past few months but, with mortgage interest rates now on the rise, he still expects a slight moderation in growth this year.
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  • FHFA: Home prices continue to soar on West Coast

    Rise 0.5% nationally
    The FHFA’s latest report showed home price increases picked up the pace once again in October, especially in the Pacific region. The West Coast continues to see the highest home price increases in the country, far outpacing the national average annual increase.
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  • FHFA reports home price increase of 1.4% for Q3

    Increase slows from August
    Home prices increased in the third quarter of this year, but FHFA’s report showed home prices slowed slightly from August to September. Ranging from just 0.5% annually to a full 14.6% increase, all 100 of the top U.S. cities saw an annual increase in the third quarter.
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  • Home prices pick up speed in August

    Jump 6.6% from last year
    Home price increases picked up pace once again in August, surpassing July’s increase and surging ahead unchecked, far surpassing the previous peak. FHFA’s latest House Price Index showed all regions of the U.S. saw an annual increase in home prices, however one region posted a decrease from last month.
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  • FHFA: Home prices increase 6.6% in second quarter

    Increased in nearly every state
    Home prices increased in nearly every state across the U.S. and the District of Columbia. Gains were the highest in the Pacific region, where the second quarter saw a nearly 9% increase from last year, but lowest on the opposite side of the U.S.
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  • FHFA: Home prices continue soaring to new highs

    Increase 0.7% in April
    The Federal Housing Finance Agency’s monthly home price index showed home prices continue to increase, hitting new highs after surpassing the previous peak back in 2016. The report breaks down which regions saw the highest gains in home prices, and the one division which saw a decrease in home prices from March to April.
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  • FHFA: Home prices continue climbing in first quarter

    New report shows home prices rose in 48 states and District of Columbia
    Home prices rose during each month of the first quarter, continuing a climb that began in the early part of this decade, a new report from the Federal Housing Finance Agency showed. “The steep, multi-year rise in U.S. home prices continued in the first quarter,” FHFA Deputy Chief Economist Andrew Leventis said.
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