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  • Trump tells “boneheads” at Fed to cut interest rates below 0%

    Says the U.S. should always pay lowest rate
    In a Twitter rant Wednesday, President Donald Trump said the Federal Reserve should cut interest rates down to zero, or lower. But the president didn’t stop with expressing what he wishes the Fed would do. He also called Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell “naïve” and the Federal Reserve members “boneheads.”
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  • Fed almost certain to cut rates in September

    Fed Chair Jerome Powell says he will act “as appropriate”
    The Federal Reserve is expected to cut rates once again when the Federal Open Markets Committee meets in September. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell responded that the Fed would act “as appropriate” in order to maintain the current economic expansion.
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  • Fed minutes show more rate cuts likely through 2020

    FOMC divided over state of economy
    The Federal Reserve released the minutes Wednesday from its July Federal Open Markets Committee meeting, showing that more rate cuts are likely through the end of 2020. But one expert points out the decision was not without its opponents. In fact, the Fed minutes reveal a sharp division between some committee members on the rate cut decision.
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  • Trump tells Fed to cut rates by 100 basis points

    Says Fed is keeping economy low for 2020 election
    President Donald Trump called on the Federal Reserve to reduce the federal funds rate by 100 basis points, saying it is purposefully keeping the economy low for the 2020 election. This is not the first time Trump has shared his opinions of the Fed’s actions and criticized Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell for his leadership, but it is the most specific the president has gotten with what he wants to see.
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  • WSJ: Chance of a rate cut at next FOMC meeting is 25% as trade worries mount

    "Darker economic outlook" may force policymakers to take accommodative stance
    The chance the Federal Reserve will cut its benchmark rate in two weeks at its next meeting in Washington, D.C., is mounting as trade tensions threaten the economy. Traders in futures markets are putting about a 25% chance of a rate cut at the June 18-19 meeting and a 75% chance of a cut at the meeting after that, on July 30-31, according to data from CME Group.
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