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  • Barclays Capital Signs Licensing Agreement with Radar Logic

    New York-based Radar Logic Incorporated said earlier this week that it had signed a license agreement with Barclays Capital, its seventh licensing agreement with major Wall Street firms. These agreements enable the initiation of trading in derivative instruments and financial products based on Radar Logic's Residential Property Index, commonly known as the RPX among mortgage/financial market participants.
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  • Franklin Credit Hedges Against Rates

    In a bet that recent steep drops in short-term interest rates may be coming to an end, Franklin Credit Management Corporation said Wednesday that it had entered into interest rate swap agreements, hedging a portion of its interest-rate-sensitive borrowings against future increases in short-term interest rates.
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  • Hedge Funds Fisking Banks?

    Here's a turnaround most might not have seen coming; rather than the banks worrying about hedge funds going rogue, it's now the hedge funds that are engaging in due diligence on the banks they work with. The concern is not a hedge-fund blow up, but rather a greater concern over bank stability.
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