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  • Real estate startups have raised $1.9 billion in 2019

    Proptech investment is on track to surpass 2018’s $4.99 billion
    Real estate startups, sometimes called proptech for property tech, have raised $1.9 billion from investors this year, an average of about $475 million a month, according to startup tracker Crunchbase. That's up when compared with last year’s $4.99 billion, an average of about $417 million a month.
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  • Salesforce invests in Blend as startup shaves weeks off mortgage process

    NYT says Blend is likely to achieve "unicorn" status
    Salesforce, a leader in customer-management software, said it made a "strategic investment" in fintech startup Blend without disclosing details. In February, The New York Times listed Blend as one of 50 startups likely to become "unicorns," as investors call privately held tech companies valued at more than $1 billion.
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