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  • July’s sluggish home price growth highlights tension between the nation’s buyers and sellers

    The average American home listing price rose 5.5% to $315,000 in July
    The average American home listing price rose 5.5% to $315,000 in July, according to’s Housing Trend Report. Although this rate is only 0.2% down from June, it’s a significant decrease from the 8.7% growth during the same time period in 2018. George Ratiu,’s senior economist said July’s data highlights tension between buyers eager to take advantage of lower mortgage rates and potential sellers concerned about slowing price growth.
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  • NYT: First-time homebuyers competing with Wall Street-backed investors

    Conventional buyers often “do not even have a chance,” story says
    It’s always been tough to be a first-time buyer, stretching to get into a starter home. Today, there’s an extra challenge: an unprecedented level of competition from investors backed with Wall Street money, according to a New York Times story. At first, it seemed an opportunistic response to the housing bust. “Once the bargains dried up, the investors were expected to stop buying. Except they didn’t stop.”
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  • Zillow: Housing slowdown likely to pass as second wave of Millennials enter housing market

    3.11 million first-time buyers are projected to enter the market by 2028
    A recent Zillow analysis claims an extra 3.11 million people at prime first-time home-buying age are projected to enter the housing market by 2028. While it’s not certain if each of these people will purchase a home, Zillow claims the sheer heft of their numbers will impact the market.
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