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  • Want your homebuyer to be able to afford more?

    Three reasons why a mortgage broker is your best option
    Helping buyers purchase the best home for their hard-earned money has always been the key to real estate success—whether that’s discovering the perfect neighborhood or negotiating the final sale price. The ability to stretch buying power is more crucial than ever, and savvy agents are encouraging buyers to partner with independent mortgage brokers. Here's why choosing a mortgage broker is your best option.
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  • Four perks of partnering with a mortgage broker

    90% of real estate agents would recommend a broker to their buyers in the future
    Independent mortgage brokers are expert entrepreneurs rooted in the local community who can offer guidance to real estate agents and their buyers throughout the entire home-buying process. In a recent study conducted by United Wholesale Mortgage, 90% of real estate agents who worked with an independent mortgage broker would recommend one to their buyers in the future. Find out why so many agents are now partnering with a local mortgage broker instead of a big bank or mega retail lender.
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