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  • Should Elizabeth Warren join the Tea Party?

    With Elizabeth Warren no longer taking lumps from both Democrats and Republicans in Washington, a new image is starting to emerge of the Harvard law professor: one that portrays her as a down-home, Oklahoma-raised, fiscal conservative who argued against excessive lending and borrowing only to find that associating with Obama's administration cratered her work, killing decades of research in the eyes of a fickle public that only views her as an employee of an unpopular, ideologically driven president.
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  • The behind-the-scenes push to get rid of Edward DeMarco

    A couple weeks ago I was having a beverage with a former comrade from the trenches of mortgage research (He's now a big money manager). My comrade took me to task for criticizing outgoing Federal Housing Finance Agency Acting Director Edward DeMarco's performance at a September congressional hearing on the GSEs. What did I expect? he asked. Congressional Banking Committee leadership had just sandbagged DeMarco for courageously going after the banks that issued the private-label mortgage securities rotting in Fannie and Freddie's portfolios.
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  • Wells Fargo unveils Wachovia ATMs...wait, what?

    Wells Fargo is in the midst of rolling out its new Envelope-FreeSM ATMs all across the country. Now, many people are thrilled, as you can see from conversations on The Wells Fargo-Wachovia blog about the subject. Frank from Miami said, "the atm is AWESOME! Extremely easy to use." Melinda said, "I love these new ATMs -- they indeed save time and are a great addition."
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  • House Republicans Revolt, Push Separate Bailout Plan

    Discussions surrounding a proposed $700+ billion bailout of the nation's financial markets over mortgage bets gone horribly wrong took a dramatic turn late Thursday, after a group of Republicans in the House of Representatives surprised key lawmakers and proposed a separate bailout proposal during a key meeting with President Bush and members of the House and Senate.
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  • One ex-banker's journey is worth noting

    Last week, The NYT's DealBook blog highlighted a guy that we here at HW can't help but root for: his name? Joshua Persky, a former i-banker for Houlihan Lokey -- the New York-based investment bank was named "Firm of the Year" last month by trade publication The M&A Advisor, but like others has been shedding staff. From the NYT:
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  • On the Brink of Appraisal Reform, Proposed Deal Hits Snags

    The past few days have seen wide coverage of a groundbreaking settlement involving New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office and both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, that would see both of the GSEs retool their approach to appraisals by ditching the use of in-house appraisals and brokered appraisal networks.
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