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  • This is what happens when you get a bunch of mortgage marketers in the same room

    Highlights from HousingWire's second event
    Just being in one room with more than 300 marketers was inspiring — the number of selfies, flash briefings, podcasts and videos being created at any given time was unlike anything I had ever seen. Even more impressive was the generous spirit that had marketers sharing their best strategies with each other in this very competitive market.  
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  • Top Realtor: iBuyers are stealing equity from homeowners

    Realtor Leigh Brown says the industry is locked in stiff competition with iBuyers
    The real estate industry is constantly evolving as new products and practices are introduced to the marketplace. And right now, the rise of the iBuyer is taking the industry by relative storm. At HousingWire’s conference held last week in Charlotte, prominent Realtor Leigh Brown said the real estate industry is locked in steep competition with these type of investors, because iBuyers are minimizing the role of agents and “stealing equity” from homeowners.
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  • Prominent Realtor Leigh Brown is now running for Congress

    Brown is running in North Carolina's 9th District special election
    Realtor, CEO and author Leigh Brown announced Friday she is running for Congress in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District. Brown, who is also a motivational speaker, announced via Facebook Live that she is entering the Republican primary race in the district's upcoming special election and housing is at the top of her agenda.
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