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  • Zillow: Rent growth hits a 10-month high in February

    U.S. median rent reaches $1,472, adds extra $400 in expenses for average renter
    While the housing market continues to experience a slowdown in home sales and price appreciation, new data from Zillow suggests the rental market is heating up. But Zillow Economist Jeff Tucker warns this sudden spark could soon go dim.
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  • This is yet another sign the housing market now favors homebuyers

    Redfin says sale contingencies climb to 7.1% in February
    As the housing market continues to slow, it's becoming more evident that the nation's homebuyers are benefiting from the cool down. In fact, according to a recent report from Redfin, the share of winning offers written by Redfin agents that included a sale contingency climbed to 7.1% in February.
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  • Housing market slowdown could be good news for homebuyers

    Expert says housing is now the most affordable it's been since early 2018
    That's it everyone, home price appreciation has officially slowed its growth for the tenth consecutive month, according to a recent report from Black Knight. But hey don't fret, Black Knight's data also indicates the slowdown could give way to an increase in home sales from many prospective homebuyers.
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