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  • Here's the housing story (or lack thereof) of the 2016 election

    How housing didn't matter in this campaign
    Well America, we made it. We survived the most ridiculous, insane, over-the-top, depressing, and ultimately underwhelming campaign in modern political history and we made it. It’s #ElectionDay. So considering that we focus on housing here at HousingWire (hence the name), we felt it important to look at how housing mattered (actually it didn’t) in this election cycle.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: How did alleged serial killer get his real estate license?

    Election Day is right around the corner!
    The story is still developing on alleged serial killer Todd Kohlhepp, 45 and a registered sex offender living in South Carolina. But there is one key fact about Kohlhepp that is leaving those following the story shocked: How did Todd Kohlhepp get a real estate license? Here’s a brief recap on the developing story.
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  • Campaign pain: What does this election season mean for mortgage finance?

    "From caucus to raucous"
    It seems like we've gone from caucus to raucous this election year.  Anyone not bombarded by the rancor is probably hiding under a rock. The rest of us, however, are left wondering not only who will occupy the White House next, but what we're in for. For mortgage and real estate professionals, there's some interesting solace to be found in historical economic data.
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  • Trump tax dodge common business strategy among housing types

    Homebuilders and subprime lenders also benefitted from net operating loss carrybacks
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s method to legally avoid federal income taxes for up to 18 years after suffering a $916 million business loss in 1995 is based on the same law that prevented many housing companies from going out of business less than a decade ago. In fact, one lawyer said back when this was going on that the law was most applicable to homebuilders.
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  • Political battleground states see highest rise in property values

    One state saw 78% increase in past 5 years
    At this point in the election cycle, eight states are now considered swing states, as they could be the keys in this year’s election. A deeper look into those states shows that home prices increased more than in traditionally Republican or Democratic states. In one battleground state, home prices increased by 78% since 2011.
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  • Clinton weighs in on 'deeply disturbing' Wells Fargo scandal, vows to protect CFPB

    Rebuts Republican calls to alter or abolish CFPB
    Well, it’s now coming at Wells Fargo from nearly every angle. As the embattled megabank’s CEO, John Stumpf, prepared to be grilled on Capitol Hill about the fake account scandal surrounding the bank, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton weighed in on the issue, saying that she is “deeply disturbed” by the bank’s conduct, and took the opportunity to defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
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  • Hillary Clinton reportedly adds former CFPB assistant director Rohit Chopra to transition team

    Politico: Outspoken critic of student loan debt issue set to join Clinton's team
    Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State and current Democratic nominee for president, is adding one of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s close allies and a former executive at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to her transition team as she prepares for the coming election.
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  • Tim Kaine: Here's how Hillary Clinton will ensure fair housing for all

    Democratic vice presidential nominee pens op-ed for CNN on housing plans
    The Democratic vice presidential nominee, Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Virginia, spent much of his pre-politics career as a fair housing attorney, spending nearly 20 years fighting for fair housing, and it looks like he plans to continue that fight if he becomes vice president. Here, in Kaine's own words, is the Democrats' plan to ensure fair housing for all.
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