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  • SIFMA voices concern about secondary market impact of rapid VA loan refinancing

    Supports Ginnie Mae, VA effort to address lenders targeting veterans
    Investors are concerned with the secondary market impact of mortgage lenders aggressively targeting servicemembers and military veterans for quick and potentially risky refinances, according to SIFMA, a prominent secondary market trade group. SIFMA voiced its concerns in a letter sent Wednesday to Ginnie Mae, which recently launched an investigation and a task force with the Department of Veterans Affairs to review a rise in rapid refinances among VA loans.
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  • SIFMA says FHFA must raise g-fees but carefully

    Must strike balance protecting GSE MBS, bringing in private capital
    Slow, steady and measured is how the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association thinks the Federal Housing Finance Agency should approach raising Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guarantee fees.
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  • SIFMA tells Treasury these 8 things will spark mortgage markets

    Time to bring back private mortgages
    Repairing the private mortgage bond market still remains a top priority for the federal government, even though there seems to be no huge rush to get things going again. For its part, Treasury is asking for some advice on the further development of private-label securitization. And here, SIFMA gives some.
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  • Castro’s confirmation as HUD Secretary met with industry approval

    President Obama, others praise San Antonio mayor
    "I applaud the bipartisan majority of Senators who today confirmed Julián Castro as our next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development," President Obama said. "Julián is a proven leader, a champion for safe, affordable housing and strong, sustainable neighborhoods."
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  • Could new securitizations lead to identity theft?

    That's the slippery slope of new regulation
    Securitization is already believed by many to be the big, bad tool Wall Street used to derail the global economy, seemingly and inexplicably on purpose. So this blog probably isn't going to help assuage the rage in those believers.
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  • 5 ways the Volcker rule will destroy job creation

    Compliance nightmare blocks capital for the engine of job creation
    The Volcker Rule's labyrinth of rules and pointless regulations will turn off the tap of credit and capital to start-ups and small businesses — the source of most job creation — at a time when job creation is needed most and hits community banks good and hard.
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  • Investors rally on government shutdown

    But it's not over yet. A debt ceiling emergency could send investors running
    While most industry experts are confident the mortgage market can withstand a short-term government halt, others are fearful of what a prolonged federal freeze will mean for investors.
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