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  • Wells Fargo apologizes (again), says widespread outage is nearly fixed

    Bank provides update on online, mobile banking outage
    Whether it was over fake accounts opened in customers’ names, unnecessary foreclosures caused by a software error, allegedly lying about its subprime lending activities in the run-up to the housing crisis, or a number of other issues, Wells Fargo has done a lot of apologizing in the last few years. And now, the bank is issuing another apology after its online and mobile banking systems were knocked offline for much of the day Thursday.
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  • Wells Fargo suffers widespread outage of online, mobile banking

    Says “system issues” are caused by smoke at bank facility
    Wells Fargo’s online and mobile banking systems are offline and inaccessible to many of the bank’s customers and have been for much of the day so far. A quick review of social media finds thousands of the bank's customers complaining that they cannot get access to their Wells Fargo banking information, use their debit cards, or pay their mortgages.
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