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  • America’s teachers can’t afford housing and this is why

    Teachers struggle to afford most homes in the nation's largest housing markets
    The latest Employment Situation Summary report revealed the average American income has grown 3.2% over the year, rising four cents to $27.70 in April. Despite this financial boost, new data from Trulia indicates as home price acceleration outpaces wage growth, the nation’s teachers, first responders and restaurant workers struggle to afford to live in the communities they serve.
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  • Can Millennials afford to live here?

    Affordability is shrinking for young adults entering housing market
    Millennials, a generation that has racked up at least $1.3 trillion of student loan debt, are now projected to dominate the real estate market in upcoming years. But are these young adults able to afford housing while grappling with debt? Well, the latest data from Redfin shows dwindling affordability prospects.
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