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  • D.R. Horton boosts Iowa homebuilding business by acquiring Classic Builders

    D.R. Horton will pay $60 million for acquisition
    D.R. Horton is set to grow its homebuilding business in the state of Iowa, as the homebuilder announced Tuesday that it acquired Classic Builders, one of the largest homebuilders in Des Moines. According to D.R. Horton, it expects to pay approximately $60 million in cash for Classic Builders and its homebuilding assets.
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  • Moody's: Homebuilding outlook falls from positive to just ok

    Macro factors and order trends expected to slow growth
    Moody’s Investor Service has lowered its homebuilding outlook from positive to stable, signaling macro factors and order trends are expected to impact future growth. Moody's VP-Senior Credit Officer Joseph Snider said the firm believes that industry revenue growth will be below 10% by 2019.
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  • First time buyers flood D.R. Horton Express homes

    Creates affordable option for new home buyers
    Four years ago, homebuilder giant D.R. Horton created its line of affordable homes targeted at first time homebuyers, which are now becoming increasingly more popular. In fact, Express homes made up more than one-third of homes sold and more than one-fourth of total home sales in the latest quarter.
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  • D.R. Horton completes acquisition of real estate developer Forestar Group

    Majority of Forestar shareholders choose to cash out
    After a tug-of-war between Starwood Capital Group and D.R. Horton over which real estate giant would buy real estate developer Forestar Group, D.R. Horton eventually won out, thanks to a superior offer that significantly topped Starwood’s bid for Forestar. Now, the merger of D.R. Horton and Forestar is complete, as the homebuilder announced Friday morning that the deal is done.
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  • Homebuilder D.R. Horton starts building more homes after strong third quarter

    Good news for home shoppers
    Homebuilder D.R. Horton posted steady growth in the fiscal 2017 third quarter, as the market waits for an increase in housing inventory. According to the homebuilder’s earnings report, it’s well positioned for the fourth quarter and to help bring more housing inventory to the market. This is welcomed news for home shoppers given the continual shortage of homes available on the market.
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  • Forestar officially spurns Starwood Capital, agrees to sell to D.R. Horton for $560 million

    Forks over $20 million to cancel deal with Starwood
    The bidding war between Starwood Capital Group and D.R. Horton over which real estate giant would buy residential and mixed-use real estate developer Forestar Group is now over. And D.R. Horton won. After weeks of negotiating, D.R. Horton will buy 75% of the Forestar’s shares for a total purchase price of approximately $560 million.
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  • Forestar preparing to spurn Starwood Capital after D.R. Horton improves its offer

    Both companies up acquisition offers, but Forestar now favors homebuilder

    Thanks to a bidding war between two real estate giants, Forestar Group and its shareholders find themselves squarely in the catbird’s seat. As recently as one day ago, Forestar said that it still planned to sell itself to Starwood Capital Group for $15.50 per share despite D.R. Horton attempting to swoop in and buy 75% of the company for a higher price, $16.25 per share. But things can change quite a bit in 24 hours.

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  • Starwood Capital ups its offer for Forestar as battle with D.R. Horton intensifies

    Each company wants to buy Forestar, but who will win?
    There’s a battle brewing between two real estate titans as Starwood Capital Group and D.R. Horton are both angling to acquire Forestar Group, a residential and mixed-use real estate developer. Starwood wants to buy the company for $14.25 per share, while D.R. Horton wants to buy 75% of the company for $16.25 per share. But Thursday, Starwood upped the ante by raising its offer for Forestar.
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  • D.R. Horton proposes to acquire 75% of Forestar Group

    Forestar would remain a public company
    Homebuilder D.R. Horton announced it submitted a proposal to the board of directors of Forestar Group to acquire 75% of the currently outstanding shares of Forestar. If completed, D.R. Horton said it would work to make Forestar the country’s leading residential land development company.
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