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  • Yet another sign from the housing market of a looming recession

    Single-family housing authorizations show persistent declines
    A number of market analysts have pointed to signs of weakness in the U.S. housing market as an indicator of a possible economic recession ahead. A slowdown in the housing market – evident by dampening home price growth, a decrease in home sales, and a downturn in housing starts – can be a key signal of the wavering health of the overall economy. Now, the housing market has revealed yet another sign of a potential economic instability: a persistent decline in single-family housing authorizations.
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  • Housing activity declines, recession probability increases

    Downward trend could be a troubling sign of a looming economic downturn
    Single-family housing authorizations decreased 0.95% in December, falling for the second consecutive month and down 3.76% year-over-year, according to a recent report by BuildFax. Assuming a number of indicators follow a projected pattern, BuildFax said there is a 43% probability of an economic recession between 2019 and early 2020.
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