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  • Experian launches product to give lenders unprecedented insight into consumer behavior

    Gives historical insight across all three bureaus
    Experian launched its new product which will give lenders an unprecedented view into consumer behavior over time across all three credit bureaus. The company explained that while traditional credit gives lenders a glimpse into credit during a single moment of time, Experian’s product will add a deeper layer of insight.
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  • NAMB seeks to ban credit bureau sales of trigger leads

    Urges Congress to add restrictions to bills
    The National Association of Mortgage Brokers, an association that represents the interests of individual mortgage loan originators and small to mid-size mortgage businesses, announced it is seeking to ban the sale of trigger leads. The association explained mortgage trigger leads are created and sold by the national credit bureaus and are comprised of a significant amount of personal information from mortgage applicants.
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  • 38 states call on Experian and TransUnion to drop credit freeze fees in wake of Equifax breach

    Some states already prohibit credit reporting agencies from charging freeze fees
    Equifax may be offering one year of credit file monitoring and identity theft protection in the wake of the credit reporting agency’s massive data breach, which exposed the personal information of 145.5 million consumers, but more than 75% of the states want the rest of the major credit reporting agencies to do more to protect consumers.
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  • [Video] Cordray says Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to all face increased scrutiny

    The regulatory impact of the massive Equifax data breach
    While credit report agencies Experian and TransUnion weren’t part of Equifax’s massive data breach, they will definitely face increased regulatory scrutiny because of it. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray outlined in an interview with CNBC what he thinks is necessary in order to not have a breach of this size happen again.
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  • Senate Democrats press FTC for review of data security at Experian, Transunion

    Prominent Senators ask FTC to ensure that consumers’ data is secure
    The Federal Trade Commission is already investigating the massive data breach at Equifax that exposed the personal information of 143 million U.S. consumers to hackers, but a number of top Democrats in the Senate want the agency to extend its investigation to the other big credit reporting agencies.
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  • New York Attorney General pushes Experian and Transunion for answers on cybersecurity

    Eric Schneiderman questions companies' security after Equifax breach
    New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is already investigating the massive data breach at Equifax that exposed the personal information of 143 million U.S. consumers. Now, New York’s top cop wants to make sure that a similar incident doesn’t take place at the other two of the big three credit reporting agencies – Experian and Transunion.
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  • Mortgage default rate falls to near record low in May

    Hits second lowest since July 2004
    Borrowers are going into default on their first mortgages less often than at nearly any point in the last 13 years, a new report from the S&P Dow Jones Indices and Experian showed. The default rate in May was just one basis point above May 2016’s level of 0.63%, which was the lowest that figure had been since July 2004.
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  • Homeowners keep getting better at paying their mortgage

    Loans in the process of foreclosure at lowest level since 2007
    Consumers are steadily getting better at paying their mortgage with fewer and fewer loans moving into the foreclosure process. Two recent reports showcase this trend: The National Delinquency Survey and the S&P/Experian Consumer Credit Default Indices report. Here’s how they rate the current state of the default market.
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  • CFPB fines Experian $3 million for lying about consumers' credit scores

    Told consumers that purchased credit scores were same ones that lenders used
    Experian, one of the nation’s three major credit reporting bureaus, misled consumers by telling them that the credit scores they purchased from the company were the same ones that lenders used to make credit decisions, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Thursday. And for that deception, the CFPB is fining Experian $3 million.
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