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  • Expert: The greatest hurdle for mortgage technology is culture

    We are in the adapt or die moment
    We are in the adapt or die moment for mortgage technology, and lenders must quickly move from doing digital to being digital, one expert explained. Leaders in the lending space need to understand that the greatest hurdle for technology in the housing industry isn’t technical. It’s cultural.
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  • Who are the HousingWire Tech Trendsetters?

    And how can you become one?
    Who are the HousingWire Tech Trendsetters? Actually, that has yet to be decided. The 2019 Tech Trendsetter award is HousingWire’s brand new awards program, and we’re waiting on you to help shape the list of the first Tech Trendsetter award winners.
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  • Need help putting together your marketing tech stack?

    Our experts at engage can help
    New tech solutions continue to flood the mortgage industry, all promising to improve processes, increase efficiencies and save money. Marketers are being inundated with options, but it’s difficult to know where to start, much less what to actually implement. That’s why we asked industry experts to speak at in our session titled, How I Built This: Putting Together Your Marketing Tech Stack.
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  • Real estate startups have raised $1.9 billion in 2019

    Proptech investment is on track to surpass 2018’s $4.99 billion
    Real estate startups, sometimes called proptech for property tech, have raised $1.9 billion from investors this year, an average of about $475 million a month, according to startup tracker Crunchbase. That's up when compared with last year’s $4.99 billion, an average of about $417 million a month.
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  • Expert: Lenders shouldn't view technology as something to adopt

    Lenders should see themselves as tech companies
    Lenders shouldn't view technology as something to adopt in today's ever-changing market, but instead should see themselves as technology companies. While many borrowers aren't aware of what fintech is, they do know technology has finally started to make home buying, selling and financing much easier, according to Maria Moskver, Cloudvirga chief legal and compliance officer and 2018 HousingWire Woman of Influence winner.
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  • From HW Magazine

    The key that unlocked the single-family rental

    A little disruption can go a long way
    Technology did not make single-family rentals themselves possible. But many in the single-family rental industry like to say that while single-family rentals are part of the housing sector, it’s really a technology industry, and nothing could be more true.
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