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  • PrimeLending chooses Blue Sage LOS in bid to boost efficiency of mortgage process

    Q&A with CIO Tim Elkins and President Steve Thompson
    At a time when some lenders are downsizing or exiting mortgages altogether, PrimeLending is strengthening its position and confirming its commitment to remain a recognized leader in the industry. PrimeLending CIO Tim Elkins and President Steve Thompson explain how changing their LOS fit into their overall strategy of streamlining and simplifying workflows and improving efficiency at virtually every phase of the loan origination process.
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  • EXOS Servicing lets consumers manage their mortgage through mobile

    Q&A with Dave Worrall and Kiran Vattem on the benefits of self-serve technology
    EXOS gives consumers a long list of things they can do to manage their mortgage — things like setting up an ACH account and downloading their billing statements. It also brings mortgage information to mobile devices, providing a platform for expansion in the digital space with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and wearable technology.
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