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  • ARMCO hires new chief strategy officer

    Nick Volpe will increase market share for financial software products
    Nick Volpe signed on as chief strategy officer at ACES Risk Management. In his new role with the company, he will be angling for increase market share and industry recognition of its financial risk mitigation software tools.
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  • Former Clayton Holdings execs band together to found new due diligence firm

    New Diligence Advisors backed by Ranieri and Oaktree’s Selene Holdings
    Last year, private mortgage insurer Radian Group announced that it was going restructure its services business, which is conducted through its principal subsidiary Clayton Holdings, due to “recent underperformance below expectations.” Now, three former Clayton executives are partnering up to launch a new due diligence firm that will directly compete with Clayton for business.
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  • Former Clayton President Jeff Tennyson lands at Lima One Capital

    Tennyson will serve as CEO of investor-focused lender
    Former Clayton President Jeff Tennyson has found a new home. Last year, Tennyson’s role was eliminated as part of Radian Group’s restructuring of its principal subsidiary Clayton. Now, just a few months after leaving Clayton, Tennyson is moving on to a senior leadership role at Lima One Capital.
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  • Radian restructures services business; Jeff Tennyson out as president of Clayton

    Cites “recent underperformance” of mortgage and real estate services segment
    Earlier this year, Radian Group said that it planned to restructure its services business, which is conducted through its subsidiary Clayton, and Clayton’s subsidiaries: Green River Capital, Red Bell Real Estate and ValuAmerica. At the time, the company did not provide any details, but Radian revealed Wednesday just how significant those structural changes are going to be, including the elimination of the position of president of its services business – meaning that Jeff Tennyson is out as president of Clayton.
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  • From HW Magazine

    The SFR market in 2017

    New players, changing deal structures and a rediscovered business model: cash flow
    Currently, institutional investors control approximately 170,000 properties (a relatively small portion of the overall SFR space, which is dominated by smaller investors, and estimated to include 11 to 13 million properties). KBRA reports that 105,000 properties have been included in the 26 single-borrower deals done to date, which suggests there are somewhere north of 60,000 properties that could still be securitized. 
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  • From HW Magazine

    Non-QM: Moving from story-telling underwriting to mainstream loan program

    Products are being revisited, tempered by lessons learned from the past
    Portfolio managers and investors also have a vested interest in the expansion of the non-QM market. They have an appetite for non-QM assets as they represent an attractive yield opportunity. That’s why we’re seeing more “hold” strategies at work with current non-QM production.
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  • Hot Seat: Jeff Tennyson of Clayton Holdings

    Third-party solutions provider expands offerings

    The company’s goal is to be the leading third-party solutions provider to the owners, originators and servicers of residential mortgage and consumer loans. When the economics, interest rates and demand for private-label securities come together, this will create new opportunities for Clayton in due diligence, valuation and surveillance.

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  • Clayton Holdings launches new underwriting program for "fix and flip" lending

    Company offers end-to-end underwriting, valuation and due diligence solution
    Clayton Holdings, a provider of loan due diligence, surveillance, REO management, consulting, valuation, title and settlement services to the mortgage industry, revealed its latest offering. The new solution is already in the market and is specifically designed for the "fix and flip" market.
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  • Clayton Holdings becomes first Morningstar-rated 'deal agent' for mortgage bonds

    Increased oversight of private-label deals could spur market
    Earlier this year, several of the "biggest bond funds on Wall Street" released a proposal to include an additional layer of oversight and protection on private-label mortgage bonds as part of an effort to jumpstart the languishing private mortgage market. Now, Morningstar Credit Ratings is helping to move the concept forward by issuing it first "deal agent" ranking.
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  • Clayton names Jeff Tennyson interim president after D'Urso departs

    Effective immediately
    In light of the immediate departure of Clayton's former president Joe D'Urso, the company announced that Jeff Tennyson will serve as interim president of Clayton Holdings. Tennyson joined the company in February 2015 as chief operating officer and brings more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry to the position.
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