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  • Will Budget Battle Slow Loan Activity?

    As the battle for the current budget continues without resolution, a potential shutdown of many government activities loom if, at least, a temporary funding resolution  is not passed by midnight tonight.  A shutdown could potentially severely limit the activities of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), which could impact the issuance of case numbers and slow the processing for HECM loans.   Seeking to find a viable compromise, President Barack Obama has been holding direct meeting with House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  The House of Representatives did pass a stopgap funding bill that would provide
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  • Elizabeth Warren Gets a Bad Rap

    The name Elizabeth Warren is one with diverging commentary attached to it. On paper, Warren is an Oklahoma native with a degree from George Washington University, a job teaching law at Harvard University and a close connection to her family. She was senate majority leader Harry Reid's head watchdog over the government's $700bn bailout fund and is considered "one of us" by consumer advocates, labor unions and academics alike.
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  • AIG Employees Return Bonuses: Cuomo

    As of Tuesday morning, nine of the top ten bonus recipients at American International Group Inc. [stock AIG][/stock] have agreed to relinquish their bonuses in full, according to assessments by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Of the top 20, 15 employees have agreed to return their bonuses.
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  • Negotiators Reach Deal on $789B Stimulus Bill

    Wasting no time, key lawmakers announced Wednesday afternoon they had reached an agreement on a $789 billion stimulus bill, which could land on President Barack Obama's desk by the end of the week. The final agreement is budgeted at about $50 billion less than the one attached to the measure passed by the Senate Tuesday.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the final agreement "creates more jobs than the original Senate bill and costs less than the original House bill."
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