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  • 5 awesome facts impacting California's housing future

    It's not all good news
    California and the nation's future are looking bright, according to a new report, with next year projected to be the best year yet for the economy since the start of the recovery. However, there are some key factors playing into California's future that could alter its course.
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  • 3 signs California housing is on the brink of something huge

    Housing affordability finally cools, inventors loosen grip
    Six years after the financial crisis and California is still feeling the leftover ripple effects of loose lending standards and an overabundance of foreclosed homes. But it is all not all bad news, with several positive signs emerging for the state.
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  • California Legislators to Consider Sweeping Mortgage Reform

    Something tells me it's about to get a whole lot tougher to be a mortgage broker in the Golden State. While Federal efforts at mortgage reform seem to have stalled, Housing Wire has learned that California Assemblyman Ted Lieu is set to introduce sweeping reform to statewide mortgage legislation. His bill, AB1830 – the Subprime Lending Reform Act – will seek to outlaw negative amortization mortgages and stated income lending, while placing tough new restrictions on when yield spread premium would be allowed.
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