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  • Churchill Mortgage launches certified homebuyer program

    Enables borrowers to get ahead of other buyers
    “Churchill’s Certified Homebuyer Program was designed to help our borrowers get a head start on securing funding so they are positioned to present offers that are already pre-approved and pre-underwritten – increasing their odds of having their offer selected," Churchill Mortgage President Mike Hardwick said.
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  • Sounding the alarm: Mortgage wire fraud is a much bigger threat than you realize

    If you think mortgage wire fraud is a problem only for vendors, think again
    Fraud is an issue that we don’t like to think about in the mortgage industry. Yet it always seems to be there, lingering on the fringe of our focus. From time to time, the topic bubbles up in the news or at a convention. We talk about it, give it the proverbial “15 minutes of fame", but rarely are we forced to alter the way we do business or invest large amounts into protecting ourselves from it.
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  • Confused about CFPB regulations? Ask your questions here

    Clarification on TRID, RESPA and more from the bureau
    Ever since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau came into fruition, the industry has spent countless hours trying to interpret how to properly stay in compliance with their regulations. For those who are having trouble making sure they interpret the rules correctly, there’s good news. Check out this new submission form from the bureau.
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  • Movement Mortgage CEO launches Movement Bank

    Will be owned and operated independently of Movement Mortgage
    Movement Mortgage CEO and former NFL tight end Casey Crawford announced a new initiative outside of his lending company, revealing the launch of Movement Bank. On Tuesday, the CEO unveiled a complete rebranding of the former First State Bank in Danville, Virginia. But while Crawford is involved in both companies, he emphasized that the two are owned and operated independently of each other.
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  • LendingTree’s business is booming as more consumers shop around for mortgages

    Total loan requests rose by 48% in second quarter
    Earlier this week, LendingTree put out a report that showed that borrowers who shop around for their mortgage could save thousands of dollars per year. LendingTree’s business is, of course, helped by borrowers shopping around for mortgages, as lenders pay LendingTree for the “chance to compete” for the business of consumers who search the site. And as it turns out, borrowers are increasingly shopping around for mortgages on LendingTree, and that’s doing wonders for LendingTree’s business.
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  • [Charts] Here's how much money shopping around for a mortgage can save borrowers

    How many lenders did you check out?
    While there's already a push to get more consumers to shop around for a mortgage and branch out beyond getting a mortgage where they already bank, many consumers still don't check out their options. This new chart from LendingTree outlines exactly how much money borrowers can save by shopping around for more offers. Spoiler, it could save thousands annually.
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  • Ally Home rolls out mortgage price match guarantee

    Applies to mortgage interest rates and points
    It was only the end of last year that Ally Bank revealed it was jumping back into mortgages in a big way and introduced Ally Home. Six months later and Ally Home is further stepping up to meet its competition in the market, rolling out a new Price Match Guarantee program.
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  • Ellie Mae: Closing time on a mortgage keeps getting faster

    Drops for third consecutive month
    Time to close slipped for the third consecutive month, continuing to drop as the housing market moves away from refinance and toward purchase originations. Ellie Mae’s CEO credits the efficiencies companies are realizing as they embrace technology to improve the home-buying experience.
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