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  • The Future of Housing Finance: the GSEs as Landlords

    The conference yesterday at the Treasury in Washington was structured to herald in a new era of transparency in the mortgage finance markets. In this sense, it served as a decent starting point, though constant references to ancient Rome were of some concern (one panelist went so far as to compare himself to Marc Antony against, presumably, Tim Geithner's Caesar.)
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  • "Slam Dunk Stimulus" - The Natural History of a Rumor

    How I long for the days when MBS research was about dry, specialized stuff like prepayments and relative value, projecting cash flows, building data bases and models of prepayment and yield curve processes. Dull matters you would be careful not to mention at a dinner party or drinking with pals in a bar. Tedious topics that could put Main Streeters to sleep. Conversation stoppers.
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  • In This Corner: Valligent CEO Jeremy McCarty

    Jeremy McCarty is the CEO and chief valuation strategist of Roseville, Calif.-based Valligent. Formerly known as EAS, Valligent operates in the areas of national residential valuation and collateral risk management solutions, including appraisal review, proprietary valuation, loan pool reconciliation tie-out services, and appraisal underwriting. Jeremy has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry with extensive experience in appraisal operations, customer service, process re-engineering and quality control.
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  • Double-Dip Recovery Threat Lingers, But to What Extent?

    Investor cash positions are at the lowest level since January 2004 as optimism on the prospect for economic recovery continues to mount, according to a survey of fund managers in a Bank of America Merrill Lynch global research report. While 65% of respondents believe a global recession is unlikely in the next 12 months, an increase from 47% a month ago, others warn the threat of a double-dip recession still looms.
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  • 62% of Fund Managers See Green Shoots

    The upturn in global investor sentiment withstood the recent large sell-off in bonds, according to the Merrill Lynch Survey of Fund Managers conducted for June and released this week. A net 62% of respondents said the world economy will likely improve in the next 12 months, 5% more than in May. Just 7% of the panel said the world will go through recession in 2010, down sharply from 38% in May and 70% in April.
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