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  • Happy New Year! Mortgage lenders face disappointing outlook for 2019

    All part of looming economic slowdown
    So let’s start with some good news: interest rates are not going through the roof in 2019. However, this remains nothing to get too excited about. For example, even as tech continues to replace processing jobs in mortgage lending, the cost efficiency has yet to translate into more mortgages. Shall we get the 2019 outlook machine started?
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  • loanDepot CEO tells his "unhappy" LOs: Stop acting entitled

    Reportedly sends marching orders via email
    It's a tough market for mortgage lending and it's likely to get more difficult. That said, loanDepot CEO Anthony Hsieh is reportedly tired of his loan officers whining about it, allegedly sending an email to employees with strong feelings on the topic. What do you think of his tactic?
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