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  • The ignonimous end to Marc Dann's political career

    We must have missed the drama, but (now former) Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann apparently resigned week after admitting he'd gotten a tad too frisky with a female subordinate. If you missed his initial explanations of the affair, they were stuff of legend; sort of the "I went to sleep and she was there, yadda yadda yadda, and woke up and she was there" variety.
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  • Illinois AG Subpoenas Countrywide, Wells Fargo Over High-Cost Loans

    Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan subpoenaed Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. and a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Co. on Thursday, to determine whether the lenders unfairly steered African American and Latino borrowers into what her office characterized as "inappropriate home loans in violation of fair lending and civil rights laws." Madigan becomes the latest state AG to pry into subprime lending at the state level, joining New York's Andrew Cuomo, Ohio's Marc Dann, and Massachusetts' Martha Coakley.
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  • Commentary: Ohio AG Sees Foreclosure Push Backfire

    Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann -- yes, the same one that sued Freddie Mac in late January for participating "in one of the largest housing investment deceptions in modern U.S. economic times" -- apparently decided that for his next trick, he'd try taking a stunt that's worked reasonably well as of late in federal courts down to the state level.
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  • Ohio Attorney General Sues Freddie Mac

    As if it wasn't enough that the city of Cleveland is suing 21 mortgage lenders for being a public nuisance, Ohio AG Marc Dann stepped into the fray Wednesday by suing none other than Freddie Mac. Alleging that the GSE "secretly and intentionally participated in one of the largest housing investment deceptions in modern U.S. economic times," Dann's office filed a securities fraud class action lawsuit in federal court in Youngstown, Ohio.
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