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  • CFPB's Kraninger reverses Mulvaney's changes to advisory boards

    Undoes Mulvaney's actions by strengthening committees
    It appears Kathy Kraninger is determined to leave her mark on the CFPB, nixing yet another move made by her predecessor Mick Mulvaney. On Thursday, the new CFPB director announced that she is changing the rules surrounding the Consumer Advisory Board and other committees, reversing actions Mulvaney had taken less than a year ago to limit the committees.
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  • Warren calls for investigation into CFPB-to-BCFP name change

    Suggests Mulvaney's rebrand violates federal law
    Sen. Elizabeth Warren is calling for an internal investigation into the CFPB's mission to change its name. In a letter sent Monday to the Inspector General of the CFPB, Warren wrote that the name change "imposes unnecessary and significant costs on taxpayers and the business community, deprives the CFPB of funds it can use to protect consumers, and violates legal requirements."
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  • CFPB-to-BCFP name change could cost companies $300 million

    Internal analysis contradicts Mulvaney’s claim that rebrand would cost nothing
    Since March, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been pushing for a name change, and while rearranging the four letters in its acronym doesn't seem like much, a report suggests the move could cost companies quite a lot.
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