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    Associated risk

    HOA liens continue to stalk first-lien positions, leaving investors and servicers on the hook
    It doesn't exactly send a terrible shiver down the spine in the same way as, say, IRS might. By comparison, HOA bears a somewhat comfortable ring -- standing of course for homeowners' association. Yet for RMBS investors, the man from the HOA can has as chilling an effect as the dreaded taxman.
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  • Taxing the housing recovery

    The deadline for filing federal income tax is one week from Monday. And it's not a good time in America. For many, wage stagnation and the threat of inflation do little to help the feeling that the country is greatly relying on taxpayers to pay the bills.
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  • IRS Encourages Refinance, Sale of Homes Encumbered by Tax Liens

    The Internal Revenue Service was the latest to jump on the homeowner aid bandwagon Tuesday with its announcement it would "make it easier for financially distressed homeowners" to avoid having mortgage refinancing or home sales blocked by a federal tax lien. The new process will allow taxpayers, or a representative like a lender, to request that the IRS make its lien secondary to any existing one owned by the lender that is refinancing or restructuring the mortgage.
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  • and Announce Partnership today announced that it has been selected as the exclusive foreclosure data provider for's real estate channel. Visitors can access the listings online at "Essentially, our readers can now search more than 1.2 million real estate listings without ever leaving," said Sean A. McNevin, business development, "We preserve our brand integrity and offer our readers the most reliable and comprehensive selection of residential foreclosures in the country. It's a win-win scenario."
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