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  • Viewpoint: The Latest Witch Hunt

    A story in Monday's New York Times ("Banks Starting to Walk Away on Foreclosures," March 20, 2009) rehashes a concept that's anything but new -- vacant properties, and the headaches that go with them. But what's irksome more than anything else in the Times' coverage is the suggestion that vacant properties are "the next phase" of the nation's housing crisis. Let's start with the premise of this latest example of psuedo-journalism, and the requisite villianization of the lender:
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  • Michigan Sheriff Halts Foreclosure Sales

    In recent months, 300 to 400 foreclosed homes come up for sale each week in Michigan's Wayne County. And as of Monday, that will no longer be the case. "Today I will be stopping all mortgage foreclosure sales in Wayne County, beginning with the sale that was scheduled for this Wednesday," said Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans in a statement earlier this week.
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  • Ohio Sheriff Refuses to Process "Heartless" Evictions

    Saying that evicting former owners and tenants during winter weather and a recession is "heartless," Butler County, Ohio sheriff Richard Jones has become the third sheriff this year to refuse to process some eviction orders. Jones on Tuesday ordered his deputies to ensure that people have shelter before they're forced out of their homes, according to a report by WLWT television in Hamilton, Ohio; otherwise, he said his department will refuse to honor all eviction orders.
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  • Illinois Sheriff Suspends All Evictions

    Cook County, Illinois is somewhat of a celebrity-by-infamy in the mortgage servicing community. The county has long had a high number of foreclosures, and an equally long record of consumer activism to go with it as well. It's time to add Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to that list; the sheriff recently has starting this week refused to evict tenants when their landlord is foreclosed upon, and has suspended all evictions in the county as a result, according to a CNN report earlier this week.
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  • Foreclosure Rage Equals Jail Time for Mortgage Broker

    A former Mercer County, Penn.-based mortgage broker, 40-year old Scott McCuskey, decided to gut his $1.2 million property right before the Sheriff's foreclosure sale on the courthouse steps -- unfortunately, not an altogether rare occurrence for those who have spent any time working in default management. Earlier this week, a judge sentenced him to three to 15 months in jail, and he also must pay more than $174,000 to the insurance company taking the loss because of his so-called "foreclosure rage."
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