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  • NAR celebrates #OpeningDay with nine facts about real estate

    Here’s a short stop for your major-league market data
    The first unofficial day of spring is here as Major League Baseball players step onto the diamond for opening day. To celebrate the day, the National Association of Realtors created an infographic of nine facts about today’s real estate market — one for each position.
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  • Parkside Lending celebrates historic Chicago Cubs victory with mortgage deal

    Illinois residents get discounted rate lock fee for 7 days
    Considering that Chicago Cubs fans waited more than a century to celebrate their team’s first World Series victory, after what some are already calling the greatest game in Major League Baseball history, the party is sure to last quite a few days. And if any of those long-suffering Cubs fans are looking to put a little cherry on top of their World Series sundae by buying a home in the next week, Parkside Lending has a great deal for them.
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  • Bush from the Rose Garden: "It's the Right Plan"

    In on-going efforts to reassure the American people that a better economy is indeed on the horizon -- although it may take time -- President George W. Bush made a brief statement from the White House Rose Garden Friday. Bush spoke as leaders of the world's top economies gathered in Washington amid frozen credit markets and an impending global recession. By coming together, Bush said, the world is "sending an unmistakable signal that we're in this together and we'll come through this together."
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  • Bush Signs Bailout Package Into Law

    President George W. Bush signed the historic bailout bill into law Friday afternoon. House members passed the bill in a 263 to 171 vote earlier Friday just days after the Senate passed the revised version late Wednesday.
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  • Fed intervenes in Major League Baseball

    Via an investor newsletter at FTN Financial Friday (no link): While the headlines of government largesse were surging across the screens this morning, this one caught our eye from a competing firm: Fed Gives Yankees 15 Additional Wins. There's nothing the Fed can't do, apparently.
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  • House Passes Mortgage, GSE Aid Bill

    As expected, the House of Representatives on Wednesday passed legislation that will expand the FHA's mortgage reach for troubled borrowers, and establish a Treasury backstop for Fannie Mae [stock FNM][/stock] and Freddie Mac [stock FRE][/stock]. The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 passed the House by a 272 to 152 margin, and now heads to the Senate, where it is expected to pass muster by Friday before heading to President Bush for signing.
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  • Bush: Congress Needs to Move on Housing Bill

    Apparently throwing an earlier veto threat out the window, President Bush said in a press conference Tuesday that Congress needed to speed up its work to pass a massive housing aid package that currently sits with House leaders for revision after passing the Senate last week. "There are just 26 legislative days left before the end of the fiscal year," he said in prepared remarks. "This means that to get their fundamental job done, Congress would have to pass a spending bill nearly every other day. This is not a record to be proud of, and I think the American people deserve better."
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  • Bush: So Far, Congress has "Failed" on Housing

    President Bush took a hard line on Tuesday in his administration's latest push for housing reform, saying that key Congressional leaders had chosen to politicize economic issues, including housing, rather than working on what he called "critical legislation." In remarks made at a press conference in the White House's Rose Garden, the President said that Congress needed to "do its part, instead of issuing or sending bills that simply look like political state
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