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    The battle for the broker

    Is there a resolution that works for everyone?
    We set out to ask how lenders were going to battle for the borrower. The answers we received changed our minds. There’s battle happening on a much smaller scale, and that’s the battle for the broker.
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  • Mergers and acquisitions to surge in 2019

    Too many lenders chasing too few borrowers
    Mergers and acquisitions activity picked up significantly in 2018, a trend that is expected to continue into 2019 as the lending environment grows even more difficult. Today’s lending conditions are as challenging as they have been since the last recession, however, there are still strategies lenders can take to stay on top during this difficult season.
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  • Brokers prepare to shake up mortgage lending

    Here's why
    Times are tough for mortgage lenders, as evidenced by the multiple layoffs seen across the mortgage industry. But one type of lender is doing fine, even excelling, as others continue to eliminate hundreds of mortgage jobs – mortgage brokers. Here's why.
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