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  • Study assesses long-term financial impact of living in your parents' basement

    More young adults are living with their parents, and it's not improving their homeownership prospects
    The number of Millennials living with their parents has increased 10% in seven years, according to a new study by the Urban Institute, amounting to an additional 5.6 million you adults who are shacking up with their parents. Presumably, those who opt to live with Mom and Dad will be in a better position to purchase their own home eventually, right? Wrong, say researchers, and here's why.
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  • European co-living company Quarters raises $300 million for substantial U.S. expansion

    Plan to develop 1,300 new co-living units in the next three years
    Whether it’s because they’re attracted to communal, dormitory-style living or because that’s all they can afford these days, Millennials and other younger generations are increasingly turning to co-living as a housing option. The idea has taken off in recent years, with several different companies beginning to expand on the idea of shared living. And now, one of Europe’s largest co-living developers is planning to make a big push in the U.S.
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  • Millennials will purchase at least 10 million new homes in the next 10 years

    According to Census Bureau and First American estimates
    In a recent note, Odeta Kushi, a senior economist for First American Financial Corporation, said Millennial demand for homeownership was one of the biggest trends influencing the housing market in 2018. This is unlikely to reverse going into next year, the year after that, and many years to come.
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  • Homeownership for older Millennials quickly becoming a thing

    E&Y and Wells Fargo experts chime in
    It appears Millennials are growing older and wiser, and the eldest in the generation are buying homes more and more, as the younger ones continue to push up demand for rentals. Here's a look at that most wanted home buying generation from Ernst & Young and Wells Fargo.
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