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  • In Connecticut, How to Win Votes and Influence People

    Do you live in Connecticut? Has your home been foreclosed upon, but you want to stay there for a little while longer? For free? Then Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has the offer a lifetime for you: don’t answer the door when your lender comes knocking, and you’ll get at least 90 days free of charge.
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  • Connecticut AG Targets Servicing Practices at Fannie, Freddie

    The Attorney General of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, is asking Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to turn over documents regarding the foreclosure and default servicing practices of the GSEs in the state, according to letters he sent to the firms earlier this month. The letters are dated June 4 and give a deadline of compliance by June 19. Other than that, at this moment, none of the parties involved are commenting on the requests for information.
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  • Connecticut AG Seeks an End to Foreclosure Rescue Scams

    Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is the latest regulator to crackdown on foreclosure "rescue" scams -- an increasingly troublesome issue among servicers who specialize in managing troubled mortgages, according to a number of HousingWire's sources -- through proposed legislation announced Tuesday at a press conference, where he also said he is investigating several debt reduction entities for misleading consumers.
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  • Connecticut AG Latest to Sue Countrywide

    We've got to admit that it's starting to feel like "me-too" piling on at this point -- after California, Illinois, Florida and the city of San Diego have already sued the former Countrywide Financial, Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal jumped on the same train Wednesday and sued as well. Countrywide was acquired in July by Bank of America Corp. [stock BAC][/stock].
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  • Bond Guarantors Under Investigation; Are More Pressing Concerns Mounting?

    The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has expanded an investigation of "subprime lending" to include some bond guarantors, although specific firms were not named in the story. "There are a lot of issues that have been highlighted by the ongoing crisis in the debt and securities markets," he [Blumenthal] said. "It's like a cancer that has metastasized into different areas."
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