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  • From HW Magazine

    2019 Rising Star: ​​​​​​​Joseph Cicali

    With the business transformation that Joseph Cicali sparked while at Garden State Home Loans, he was asked to represent the digital mortgage industry as a speaker and thought leader at the 2018 Salesforce Annual Conference, Dreamforce, held in San Francisco.
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  • WATCH: AIME Chairman Anthony Casa announcing ARIVE to support 3.2 Export

    3.2 Export arrives at ARIVE
    Anthony Casa, chairman of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME), has announced that an FNM 3.2 export will be available on the new ARIVE mortgage platform. ARIVE offers a complete platform for independent mortgage brokers, a single portal to bring together lenders, loan originators, third-party vendors and consumers. ARIVE is exclusively partnered with AIME, and will only be available as a member benefit.
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  • ARIVE boasts strong network of 100-plus wholesalers aiming to bolster broker market share

    With over 13,000+ originators pre-registered, tremendous partnership opportunities exist for lenders and brokers, alike
    The good news is that mortgage brokers continue to outpace their retail counterparts in business growth, a trend that has lasted the better part of two years now, especially as the market has been so heavily dominated by purchases.
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